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How to choose a circuit breaker

Presence of circuit breakers in the electrical network of any home is very regular nowadays. Usually, the home owner’s knowledge about circuit breakers is limited to that they protect devices connected to the electrical network. While this is true, it is just the result of the operation of this device. The main purpose is to […]

Safety measures when using electrical appliances

When studying the causes of fires in electrical installations of apartment houses, it is necessary to focus attention on the fact that most often fires occur as a result of short circuits, overloads of electric networks, sparking and heating of contact points. Violating the safety rules of electrical appliances will most likely result in unpleasant […]

Where Can Dimmer Switches Be Installed in Your Home?

Dimmer switches are an affordable & easy method to make an impact on your home’s illumination as well as your energy usage. An often overlooked interior design aspect, dimmers can easily alter the mood of a room at the touch of a button. Installing dimmer switches or changing older ones out is a simple job, […]

Why Your Commercial Property Needs Emergency Lights

During a blackout, accident, disaster, or other similar serious situations, your primary power supply can get impacted and your commercial property can go dark. It’s very dangerous to navigate through the darkened office spaces and hallways to find a safe exit and this is why it’s crucial to have emergency lights installed on your property. […]

The Benefits of Getting Sensor Lighting Installed on Your Property

Today, many residential property owners get sensor lights installed in the landscaped areas of their home. There are a number of different reasons why installing these fixtures is a smart choice. Over the years we at Quick Connect Electrical have catered to a large number of clients wanting to get these lights installed in the […]

Why LED Lighting is The Perfect Option for Your Home

The need of the hour is for energy-efficient solutions that will reduce the burden on the environment and help reduce your utility bills as well. This is where LED lighting comes in. LED is an acronym for Light Emitting Diode. These are the latest in lighting technology. These bulbs and fixtures are now the preferred […]

Electrical Installations Health Check For Your Home

Most people aren’t aware that electricity is one of the main causes of fires on commercial as well as residential properties. Home-related electrical accidents aren’t as uncommon as people believe them to be. Modern homes have a large number of electrical appliances and devices and we depend on these to provide us the convenience and […]

Different Lighting Concepts to Use in Your Landscaping

The summer months are perfect for spending time with family and friends in the outdoor spaces of your home.  While these areas are quite useable during the daytime, you can use them optimally in the evening or night only if  you have the right  type of lighting installed in the yard and garden area., Here […]

Aspects to Keep In View While Hiring a Commercial Electrician

Commercial establishments generally have a large number of heavy-duty equipment and appliances. Offices may have large servers and data rooms while restaurants and hotels have cool rooms, cold storage units, large electric ovens and a variety of other electrical appliances. This also means the systems and installations that support these appliances have to be built […]

Mistakes that Can Occur in DIY Electrical Projects

Homeowners often embark upon DIY projects and in addition to painting, carpentry, and other small repair tasks, many people also try to handle electrical jobs themselves. While it may save you a certain amount of money, there are distinct risks to doing electrical work around your home.  These jobs should always be handled by a […]

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Very happy with the great service and professionality! Mohammed was very patient and meticulous, going (quite literally) above (our deck's roof) and beyond to find and fix problems with some existing bad wiring. Explained all the problems in a very clear and informative way. Would highly recommend this service to friends and family!

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"I would highly recommend Karl and his team for any work his professionalism and dedication to his work is remarkable.

We are currently building a 225sqm complex extension in Strathfield and he has continuously offered great advice on how to proceed with all things electrical from led lights and power points to HDI cables for the TV. He has always been on time and has gone above and beyond expectation. He and his team even worked 10hrs on a day that was 45 degrees. Once again I would highly recommend Karl"

TrueLocal Reviews
5 stars