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Level 2 Electrician

Level 2 Electrician
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Level 2 Electricians are trained and certified to carry out different kinds of complex electrical jobs. They install, repair, and maintain overhead or underground power lines. This service can’t be provided by ordinary electricians without the right qualifications and accreditations. At Quick Connect, we have highly skilled and qualified level 2 electricians who will help you in every way possible. If you need someone reliable and efficient to handle these tasks, you just need to give us a call.

Level 2 Electricians

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What is Level 2 Accreditation?

The level 2 accreditation allows electricians and service providers to offer contestable service work and connection services to clients. This accreditation is usually provided by energy companies like Endeavor Energy and Ausgrid in Sydney. If an electrician has this certification, he can work with near the company’s existing system and provide a number of services like:

  • Disconnections and Reconnections – Our level 2 electricians can establish service lines between customer property and the electricity network. They can disconnect consumer mains from both overhead and underground lines, reconnect lines that had been previously disconnected, and establish temporary connections.
  • Metering and Energising – A level 2 electrician can also install electricity metering equipment and energise the service. They can install solar panel meters, off peak meters, relay switches, and replace old meters with new electronic meters wherever required. Our electricians can install meters in both indoor and outdoor locations and recommend the right products.
  • Underground and Overhead Serving – They can install and repair overhead and underground service mains wherever required. They might need to acquire permission from the company before they start work and usually this accreditation makes the process easy. Our experts will connect the lines to the energy supply and replace malfunctioning or old service fuses, neutral links, and actives.
  • Service Upgrades – If you need additional lines or service upgrades, our electricians are happy to help. They have the right tools, skills, and equipment to handle these tasks.
  • Repairing Damaged Cables – The intense heat in Sydney can damage the cables and expose the inner copper wire to the air. This can cause a number of problems so it should be repaired immediately. If you receive a defect notice from your energy service provider, just give us a call. We will repair and replace the lines to ensure the system is back in working order.

Why Choose Us? 

  • We have over 10 years of experience in this industry and have a team of fully trained electricians. 
  • Our level 2 electrician is very efficient and well-trained. You can rely on our expert to do a good job and ensure your system is perfectly functional. 
  • We’re a licensed and insured company so you can rely on us to perform up to industry standards.

If you want to know more about our level 2 electrician or have questions regarding our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Quick Connect. You can call us on 1300 725 894 or enter your details and questions in this contact us form.

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