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Emergency Lights

Emergency Lights
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 During a disaster, blackout, accident, or other such serious incidents, your primary power supply can get affected, and your property goes dark. It can be hazardous to navigate through the darkness to find a safe exit, which is why you need emergency lights. At Quick Connect, we recommend that all residential and commercial properties should have emergency lights.

What Are Emergency Lights?

 These are battery-operated lights that can be placed in different areas of a property. They offer bright and consistent lighting in cases of emergency like fires, floods, earthquakes, power outages, etc. They are installed within reasonable distance of each other and ensure all egress routes are well-illuminated, so people can vacate the property quickly and reach safety. Here are some features of these lights:

  • They’re permanent fixtures, and are mounted at specific locations throughout the property.
  • They’re connected to the building’s power grid. When the power supply is normal, the lights are dormant and only draw energy to charge their batteries. When the power goes out, the lights switch on automatically.
  • These lights remain switched for at least 90 minutes or until the power comes on. You can install emergency lights with longer battery life on your property.
  • They provide enough light to illuminate the egress paths clearly. They shouldn’t be dim or weak because that would be hazardous.
  • These lights also power emergency signs like exits, route signs, entrances, unsafe routes, etc. The lights for emergency signs also switch on automatically if the power is down.
  • We can also install emergency lights designed specifically for wet locations. These lights have added protection to ensure water doesn’t sink in and harm the circuitries. These lights will function in storms and floods as well.

Where Should You Install Emergency Lights?

 According to Building Code of Australia, you need to install emergency lights if you have floor space of over 300m2. You also need to take the building class into consideration before you install any form of lighting system. A class 1 building won’t require emergency lighting as much as a class 9 building would. We always encourage our customers to err on the side of caution and invest in emergency lighting regardless of the code requirements. Here are some of the buildings that usually require emergency lighting:

  • Office buildings
  • Government offices
  • Industrial facilities like factories and workshops
  • Theatres, cinemas, and entertainment centres
  • Retail spaces like malls, stores, and shops
  • Warehouses and storage facilities

We also recommend emergency lighting along the egress routes in residential properties. Most homeowners panic and struggle in the dark when the power goes out unexpectedly. A good emergency lighting system can help prevent that. Our experts will help you plan and will recommend the right products to you. We will make sure your property is safe and well-lit during emergencies.

If you want to know more about emergency lights or have questions regarding our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Quick Connect. You can call us on 1300 725 894 or enter your details and questions in this contact us form.

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