When studying the causes of fires in electrical installations of apartment houses, it is necessary to focus attention on the fact that most often fires occur as a result of short circuits, overloads of electric networks, sparking and heating of contact points. Violating the safety rules of electrical appliances will most likely result in unpleasant consequences.

When using an electric iron, it must be remembered that its surface heats up to 300 Celsius degrees and it is unacceptable by common sense to place it on the iron table or anywhere else, facing down. Often the power cord of the iron is damaged in the place of connection with the iron and is exposed to heat as well. The insulation of the cord dries up and cracks, which creates the preconditions for a short circuit.

Small tips that can prevent big consequences

The incandescent lamps also carry elements of fire danger. Its bulb reaches a temperature of 300 C making the lamp a risk factor in case it gets in contact with combustible gases or materials.

Many tenants, in spite of the ban, install homemade electric home-heating appliances to heat rooms, cottages, without thinking that it can lead to a fire.

In some apartment buildings, electrical panels on staircases are not closed; people are using them as bins sometimes. The electrical panels should not be accessible to unauthorized people because consequences can be very bad.

Also, a fire can arise from improper actions when repairing power grids or electrical equipment. Remember: the repair of electrical equipment must be performed by professional electricians.

Measures of fire safety when using electrical devices:

  1. It is necessary to monitor the serviceability of electrical wiring, electrical devices and equipment, as well as the integrity and serviceability of sockets, plugs and electrical cords.
  2. Do not operate electrical wiring with broken insulation.
  3. You should not be tie electrical wires in knots or use glue/tape to keep them together.
  4. It is a bad idea to simultaneously connect several appliances to a single socket; it is possible to overload the wiring and short-circuits.
  5. Extension cords should not be used outdoors where they might get water in or other deposits that may lead to a failure. There are, however, water-resistant and specially designed extension cords that can be safely used in outdoor environments.
  6. Do not use extension cables underneath the carpets or through door sills.
  7. Only use certified electrical fittings.
  8. It must be remembered that the fuses protect against short circuits, but not from a fire due to poor contact with electrical wires.

Symptoms of a wiring fault

–    Hot electrical plugs or sockets

–    Strong heating of the electric wire during the operation of electrical equipment

–    Crackling sound in sockets

–    Sparking

–    The smell of burning rubber or plastic

–    Darkening of braids of electrical wires

–    Reducing of lighting in the room when you turn on one or another electrical appliance.

It is necessary to forbid children to touch their hands or sharp objects to the electrical wiring, the outlet, the extension cord, the electric cord, and also to include electrical appliances, electrical equipment in the absence of adults.

Do not leave the appliance switched on unattended, especially high-temperature heating devices – electric kettles, boilers, soldering irons and electric hotplates.

It is necessary to ensure that flammable interior items (curtains, carpets, plastic shades, wooden furniture pieces, etc.) under no circumstances touch the heated surfaces of electrical appliances.

Do not leave the electric heater on at night, near the bed, other combustible objects.

When purchasing an electric heater, it must be ensured that it is equipped with an emergency start-up system (in case of overheating or falling).

When turning on the heaters, try to avoid using extension cords as much as possible. Otherwise, you need to make sure that the estimated (nominal) power of the extension cable is not less than the power of the electrical appliance.

Hundreds of house fires happen in Sydney each year due to unsafe electrical conditions. Do not let your house to become a part of this statistic and take your protective measures now.

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