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Safety Switch Installation

Safety Switch Installation
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 Safety switches are one of the most important aspects of your electrical system. Every home, office, and commercial property should have a number of them to keep an eye on the electricity supply. Safety switches monitor the flow of current through the circuit they’re installed on. When the flow is normal, the switches are disengaged; but if the switch detects a surge, it’s immediately engaged and will switch-off the power supply. At Quick Connect, we always encourage our clients to install safety switches in a number of strategic locations on their property.

What are Safety Switches?

 The technical term for safety switches is Residual Current Device or RCD and they come in four different forms. These switches are used in different locations for different purposes. Here’s a brief explanation of all three of them:

  • Meter Box Mounted – As the name suggests, this safety switch is mounted on the meter box close to the circuit breakers. They can also be mounted close to the distribution board to monitor the supply and consistency of electricity through the board. 
  • Switchboard-Mounted Safety – These are installed in all modern homes and commercial properties and are mandatory. The switches are mounted on the switchboard and will protect the electrical circuit of all of the devices connected to that particular switchboard. These fixtures keep your connected devices safe by shutting off power immediately if there’s a surge. 
  • Power Point Safety Switches – These are typically found in older homes and properties that don’t have modern switchboard-mounted safety switches. It’s best to place them on switchboards with the highest potential for danger and problems like those located in bathrooms and workshops. 
  • Portable Safety Switches – These are essential if you use power tools in outdoor locations. They attach to the plug point on one end and to the tool on the other and will protect it from sudden surges. 

Do You Need Safety Switches? 

Australian properties are required by law to have a number of safety switches present in the system. Most newly constructed properties come with them but if your property is old, it’s a good idea to call a professional electrician for safety switch installation. Here are some reasons why you need a safety switch on your property:

  • Every year, around 15 people are killed in Australian homes due to electrical accidents. These accidents could’ve been avoided if the properties had safety switches installed.
  • 300 people suffer electrical injuries and burns and are hospitalised, which are preventable if safety switches had been fitted.
  • Several thousand dollars’ worth of devices are damaged because of electrical surges and lack of a functional safety switch.

As you can see, safety switch installation is essential if you want your property to be safe to use. If you want to know more about safety switch installation or have questions regarding our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Quick Connect. You can call us on 1300 725 894 or enter your details and questions in this contact us form.

The Importance Of Safety Switches

Safety switches are vital devices that every household needs to protect themselves from electrical accidents. A safety switch is a device that turns off the electricity whenever there is a fault detected. It is designed for the purpose of preventing damages that can occur from the result of electric shocks. Think of instances such as faulty appliances, or children playing with sockets, or even just lack of basic maintenance.

These are all examples of when residents can suffer from electrical shock and potentially affect houses by blowing up the switchboard, or damage the wiring. If you need to ensure the protection of your home and family from electrical accidents, check that you have a safety switch installed in your property as soon as you can.

There are different types that can be put in place, with each offering a different layer of protection. Safety switches can only be installed by a licensed electrician. We have technicians available 24/7 all through Sydney Call Quick Connect Electrical on 1300725894.

Safety Switches – are a must to keep your family, friends & employees safe!

According to findings published by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation approximately 15 Australians are killed and over 300 hospitalised ever single year due to electrical accidents in the home. Many of these could have been prevented by the simple installation of safety switches. Whilst it is a requirement for safety switches to be fitted in new-build homes, many old-style homes don’t have any and this equates to around 40% of all housing throughout the country.

Safety switches are also known as Residual Current Devices (or ’RCDs’). The importance of the RCD has been ratified into NSW Workplaces legislation, where it is essential for all workplaces to install a safety switch for each power point. This law was passed in February 2014 in order to protect employees of organisations from serious injury or electric shocks.

Electrical shocks can occur anytime, from a variety of problems. Reports indicate that a lot of causes can be traced back to faulty appliances in the household, which can trigger charge in electricity and therefore cause shocks when the appliance is mishandled. There have also been issues with children playing with power outlets, where their fascination outweighs their understanding of the danger that could arise. This is why that all residential properties in NSW require at least one RCD in the lighting and power circuits, to ensure a minimal level of protection.

Installing a safety switch prevents a whole host electrical problems relating to current and power surges. It is a multi-layered method of protection that could save your home from damage to your property and avoid your family being at risk of electrocution. Our technicians are fully qualified and experienced at this type of service, and installation of safety switches is backed by a 100% life time labor warranty for your peace of mind.

We Can Install Your Safety Switch on the same day!

A lot of houses and properties built prior to 1977 are highly unlikely to have had RCDs installed during their construction. That’s why there are still many households in Sydney that are unfamiliar with the need for RCDs and what type of device is best suited to install in their property.

There are three types of residual current devices that can be used in households. The safest and the most complete form of protection is offered by the Switchboard RCD, which sits on the switchboard monitoring the circuits of all electrical sockets and appliances. This is by far the safest solution, but in order for it to operate safely and effectively it must be installed by a licensed electrician.

The second type is known as a power point RCD, which is an in-built device in the socket outlet that provides protection for equipment relying on those outlets as sources of power. This must be installed by a licensed electrician to ensure safe operation.

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