Modern homes, business properties, and offices rely heavily on consistent and convenient access to electricity. We use several electrical devices in our day-to-day life; all of them need access to energy supply, and that comes through power points.  These electrical installations allow you to plug in your device or appliance to use it. In essence, power points technically know as a GPO(general power outlet) allows you access to electricity where and when you want it. At Quick Connect, we have a team of expert electricians that can easily handle new power point installations to help you gain convenient access to electricity.

Why Install New Power Points?

 Your home or office will come with a limited number of pre-installed power points and that will limit the number of devices or appliances you can plug in. These points are also located in odd places that don’t provide the most convenient access to electricity. Most people try to adjust by using extension cords or power plug adapters but that can create unsafe situations and look messy.

A new power point installation is the best solution to this problem. You can call us and we’ll send a reliable electrician to your location for the installation. We recommend that you install multiple power points during the same visit as that will help you save time and money.


With all the devices we have in this day and age, a USB power point comes in handy. With a quick charge dual USB outlet you are able to plug multiple USB cables into it to charge your devices quickly and with minimal fuss. Add them into any space in your home or office and enjoy the convenience of this outlet. Enquire about our special promotion about this product today. Call 1300 725 894.


Do You Need an Electrician to Handle the Job?

 There are several DIY guides available online that describe the power point installation process. People attempt to install power points with the aid of these articles and hope to get good and safe results. Unfortunately, that leads to problems and can create a unsafe environment in some cases. Power point installation is a delicate process that requires skill and training. Here’s what an electrician will do to help you:

  • Determine the best location for the power point– Once you explain why you need power points and what the expected use is for, the electrician will study your room to determine the best placement for them.
  • Determine the type of power point- Different devices and appliances require different rated power points or GPO’s. You will need a outlet with a higher capacity for your kitchen electric for as an example as opposed to your computer or phone.
  • Use of correct gauge cabling for the circuit– If you use cable that isn’t compatible with the rest of the system, you can cause overload and disruptions. An electrician will consider the existing circuit and choose a compatible one for the new outlet connection.
  • Use the best quality power point– The quality of the power point also matters a great deal if you want durable and lasting performance.

Why Call Us for the Job? 

  • We have ample experience in this field and will safely install new power points in your desired space.
  • Our services are reasonably priced and our electricians offer honest advice to all our clients.
  • We’re a licensed, insured, and certified company so you can trust the quality of our services.

If you want to know more about power point installation or have any questions regarding our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Quick Connect. You can call us on 1300 725 894 or enter your details and questions in this contact us form.

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Very happy with the great service and professionality! Mohammed was very patient and meticulous, going (quite literally) above (our deck's roof) and beyond to find and fix problems with some existing bad wiring. Explained all the problems in a very clear and informative way. Would highly recommend this service to friends and family!

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"I would highly recommend Karl and his team for any work his professionalism and dedication to his work is remarkable.

We are currently building a 225sqm complex extension in Strathfield and he has continuously offered great advice on how to proceed with all things electrical from led lights and power points to HDI cables for the TV. He has always been on time and has gone above and beyond expectation. He and his team even worked 10hrs on a day that was 45 degrees. Once again I would highly recommend Karl"

TrueLocal Reviews
5 stars