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Power point installation

Modern day living depends very heavily on electricity because we use a large number of electrical appliances, devices and gadgets in our homes and commercial properties. This also means, any problem with the electrical installations like power points etc. can cause a significant amount of inconvenience; and in some cases a downtime on commercial properties can also result in business losses.

Why you need power points

Just having power points isn’t enough; you need to have the right number of them and they should be positioned at the right places. If these points aren’t placed where you need to install appliances, gadgets and devices, you will end up using extension cords and power cords. This is never a good idea because:

  • These cords may not be able to support the load required by the appliances and devices, which can pose a fire risk.
  • In addition, the wires can easily become a tripping hazard
  • Hanging wires mar the appearance of your property as well.

This is why we at Quick Connect Electrical always recommend that you have the right number of power points on your property at the right locations. We can help you plan this placement and can handle power point installations:

In homes:

  • Living rooms, bedrooms
  • Kitchens and dining rooms
  • Hallways and entranceways
  • Landings
  • Bathrooms and laundry rooms
  • Balconies, terraces, patios, decks, poolscapes
  • Landscapes – pathways, driveway, walkways
  • Outdoor kitchens

In commercial spaces:

  • Entranceways and hallways
  • Common office spaces
  • Cabins and conference rooms
  • Rest rooms and common lounge areas
  • Retail shop floors
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Patisseries and bake shops
  • Landscapes – pathways, driveway, walkways
  • Other

Our power point installation services

  • Installation- We can handle new installation or add to the existing ones.
  • Single to double power points – This is one of the simplest and most effective methods of adding more power points to any space. Single power points can be converted into double installations and eliminates the use of power and extension cords.
  • Power point upgrades- If you own an older property, it’s a good idea to upgrade worn-out or dysfunctional power points as that helps ensure your electrical installations are in line with the current building codes.
  • Installation of power points with USB sockets – Today, many devices run on cords that have USB connections and you may not always have quick access to a wall adapter to use these devices. We can install USB socket power points at strategic locations in the walls.

Call the experts

We are the experts that can handle all types of power point installations on commercial and residential properties. With over 10 years of experience in this space we are one of the leading companies that provide guaranteed electrical solutions.

For more information on our outdoor and indoor power point installation solutions and other services, call Quick Connect Electrical today. To check if we serve your area, just enter your pin code in the box on the right of the page. See what our customers are saying about our company & services. For an emergency electrician in Sydney, any time of the day or night, call us at this number- 1300 725 894.

Outdoor power point installation

Older properties generally have older electrical installations and fixtures; and most also tend to have fewer powerpoints than necessary. The outdoor living trend is on the rise and this means homeowners are finding the need for more powerpoints in alfresco spaces such as patios, decks, outdoor kitchens, poolscapes and other landscaped areas. Outdoor powerpoint installation is very different from indoor electrical installations. We at Quick Connect Electrical have the skill, knowledge and the experience to handle all types of power point installation services for residential and commercial customers.

When do you need outdoor power point installation?

As mentioned at the outset, powerpoint installations may be needed for a variety reasons including:

  • If you own an older property or have recently moved into a home or commercial space that has an insufficient number of outdoor powerpoints compared to your needs.
  • If you reside in a newly-built home that doesn’t have sufficient powerpoints in the garden, yard and other aldresco areas.
  • The power points in these areas aren’t placed at locations you need them.
  • You are getting an outdoor feature like an outdoor kitchen built and need some additional power points to support the appliances and equipment that will come there.
  • Its never a good idea to use electrical extension cords or power cords to power your appliances and gadgets in the outdoor spaces. This poses an electrical hazard and makes the property look very messy as well.
  • If you are getting any additions and extensions built in your yard.
  • You are upgrading your existing decking, patio, pool space.
  • You want to light up the water features in the outdoor areas.
  • Want to add some lighting to the boundary walls, retaining walls or fireplace and fire pit areas.
  • If the existing powerpoints in the outdoor spaces seem worn out or are loose.
  • If there is arcing – buzzing, hissing sounds

The importance of hiring a professional for outdoor power point installation

Today, the internet is choc-a-bloc with information on how DIY electrical tasks can be handled. There are tutorials, videos and articles on this subject. This leads people to believe that they would be able to handle this outdoor powerpoint installation job themselves. But this is never a good idea. Electrical jobs are always best left to licensed and experienced professionals.

Why hire us?

  • We are a leading company that has been operating in this space for over 10 years
  • Fully-licensed and insured
  • Cater to residential and commercial customers
  • Provide guarantees for our work
  • Use the best materials and workmanship
  • Provide cost-effective solutions
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • $0 call out fee

For more information on our outdoor powerpoint installation solutions and other services, call Quick Connect Electrical today. To check if we serve your area, just enter your pin code in the box on the right of the page. See what our customers are saying about our company & services. For an emergency electrician in Sydney, any time of the day or night, call us on 1300 725 894.

Outdoor lighting

The yard and landscaped areas on your property can grow every dark after sunset. Without well-planned and adequate illumination, you will find it difficult to navigate through these spaces safely after dark. This also reduces the utility of the open areas on your property. You may miss a step, trip over obstacles such as edging and curbing, or walk into a hedge which can cause serious accidents and injuries. We at Quick Connect Electrical can provide excellent outdoor lighting solutions for commercial and residential properties.

Some aspects of outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is very different from indoor lighting; the former is specially designed to endure outdoor conditions as well as provide the kind of illumination needed in these spaces. Here are some aspects that have to be kept in view while installing outdoor light fittings:

  • All outdoor lighting fittings and installations should be weather-resistant. The features need to withstand temperature fluctuations, intense sunlight, and humidity etc. without becoming damaged.
  • These systems need to have proper wiring installations. Substandard quality wires can easily become damaged in these spaces. Exposed wiring can result in a hazardous situation as it poses a risk or electrocution or fire.
  • Outdoor light placement has to be done in a well-planned manner. They have to be installed strategically to mark and spotlight different features in the yard or landscaping.

Areas where outdoor lighting can be installed

Outdoor lighting design needs to be planned well and it’s much more than just placing a few spot lights and exterior lights in the landscape. The only way to ensure there is sufficient illumination and that all the features and plants in the outdoor spaces are showcased well is to get experts like us to design and install all outdoor lighting features. Based on the layout of the property and the features that exist or are to be built there, we can install outdoor lighting for:

  • Driveways, walkways and paths
  • Garden steps and stairs
  • Lawns and landscaped areas
  • Water features such as fountains, ponds, pools and waterfalls
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Patios and decks
  • Poolscapes
  • Fireplace and fire pit areas
  • Boundary walls, retaining walls
  • Paver lights
  • Lamp posts for entranceways and porches
  • In the case of commercial properties – company names and signage
  • Large and beautifully-structured trees and bushes

Custom outdoor lighting solutions

Not only does well-planned and designed outdoor lighting add to the aesthetics of the space, but also enhances the safety and security aspect of your property. It increases the curb appeal and overall value of your property. When you hire us for this job, we ensure that the best products and materials are used in the work and that the workmanship is top-of-the-line.

We provide completion certificates and guarantees for all the work we handle for you. If you are looking to enhance the beauty and safety of the outdoor spaces of your property, you need look no further than our company for customised outdoor lighting solutions.

For more information on our outdoor light fitting solutions and other services, call Quick Connect Electrical today. To check if we serve your area, just enter your pin code in the box on the right of the page. See what our customers are saying about our company & services. For an emergency electrician in Sydney, any time of the day or night, call us on 1300 725 894.

LED Lighting

Today, when builders, developers, architects designers and even individual property owners are planning their home or commercial building projects, they look for ways and means to improve the energy-efficiency of their property. To this end, they create open floor plans, use energy-efficient and insulating building materials and make use of large glass windows and doors. The latter bring in more natural light which reduces the dependency on artificial light and adds to the structure’s energy-efficiency.

However, every home and commercial space will need a certain number of light fittings in the indoor and outdoor spaces. Using lights for extensive hours increases the electricity bills significantly. The one way to reduce the amount you spend on your monthly utility bills is to opt for LED lighting. We at Quick Connect Electrical have noticed a shift in the requirements of customers.

LED lighting- the benefits

Many clients that want new electrical installations specifically ask for energy-efficient fittings and when people are looking to upgrade electrical installations, they too prefer to switch to more energy-efficient options. LED lighting is the modern day option to traditional halogen and CFL fittings and there are a number of benefits to using these installations such as:

  • LED bulbs and fittings are compact and small; so they can easily fit into odd-shaped and tight spaces.
  • They lend sufficient illumination despite their small size
  • These bulbs use 85% of energy supplied to turn it into light; only 15% generates heat which makes the bulbs cooler to the touch. Since they emit less heat, they also reduce the stress on the HVAC systems on the property and help reduce energy bills.
  • LED bulbs are available in omnidirectional as well as one direction models; this makes them ideal for applications such as ambient and mood lighting as well as task lighting. These fittings can be used in combination to create the kind of look and ambience you want on your property.
  • LEDs start immediately once you switch them on, unlike CFL bulbs in which there is a delay in reaching full brightness.
  • They provide up to 50,000 hours of illumination which means they last 25 times longer than incandescent & halogen fittings and 3 times longer than standard CFLs.
  • LED bulbs are available in a variety of different colours, and you can use the ones you like to create the perfect lighting effect.

How Quick connect can help with LED lighting

We have been a part of this industry for over 10 years and understand how LED lighting works. Our expert electricians can handle LED installations in the indoor and outdoor spaces of commercial and residential properties. As a fully-licensed and insured company, every job we undertake is completed to code and in line with Australian Standards. We use the best materials in our work, provide completion certificates and iron-clad guarantees for our workmanship.

For more information on our LED lighting solutions and other services, call Quick Connect Electrical today. To check if we serve your area, just enter your pin code in the box on the right of the page. See what our customers are saying about our company & services. For an emergency electrician in Sydney, any time of the day or night, call us on 1300 725 894.

LED downlight installation

Many people install halogen downlights on their property and these lend a very unique and attractive look to the property. Downlighting is one of the techniques used in layered lighting and it’s a great way to highlight the beauty of textured walls, beautiful flooring and well-crafted furniture. It works well with other ambient lighting fixtures as well as spot lights and ceiling lights to illuminate indoor spaces and create the right ambience in your home or commercial property.

Downlights are also installed in alfresco areas, retaining walls and boundary walls as well as exterior walls of structures to add to the aesthetics of the space. But halogen lights emit heat along with the light and when you use them extensively, that also escalates your electricity bills significantly.

This is why we at Quick Connect Electrical recommend the use of LED downlights in the indoor and outdoor spaces of residential and commercial properties. We are a fully-licensed and insured company that has been operating in this space for over 10 years now and know what it takes to provide customers prompt, professional and high quality services. But in addition to providing high-grade solutions, we also focus on providing you value for money and solutions that will add to the energy-efficiency of your home and help reduce your utility bills. This is where LED downlight installations come into the picture.

The benefits of LED downlighting

  • LED lights are 80% more energy-efficient than standard bulbs and with regular use, you will find there is a significant drop in your electricity bills
  • These bulbs can provide up to 50,000 hours of illumination and can easily last for 10-15 years depending on the number of hours they are used per day.
  • Today, the best LED downlight fittings manufacturers launch products that are sleek and elegant and available in a range of colours. This gives you the design flexibility to create the kind of look you want on your property
  • Since they have such a long operational life, maintenance is easy
  • LED bulbs are highly eco-friendly as they do not contain any toxic materials
  • These bulbs are 100% recyclable, making them some of the most environment-friendly lighting options.

While the upfront cost of LED bulbs and fixtures is higher than traditional halogen and CFL bulbs, the former provide you value in the long term, which makes them extremely cost-effective.

Cost-effective LED donwlight installations

Regardless of how you look at it, LED downlight installations are a smart money saving choice. However, you need to hire experts for the job. We can provide you all the information you need about these downlights and handle the installation expertly and professionally.

For more information on our regular and emergency services, call Quick Connect Electrical today. To check if we serve your area, just enter your pin code in the box on the right of the page. See what our customers are saying about our company & services. For an emergency electrician in Sydney, any time of the day or night, call us on 1300 725 894.

Emergency service

Electrical emergencies have a way of cropping up without any kind of warning. And when that happens, your only concern at that point of time becomes to contact a company that can provide a prompt electrical emergency service. We at Quick Connect Electrical are one of the leading companies in this industry and have over a decade of experience in the field. We provide a wide range of electrical services at very cost-effective pricing. Since we are local to your area and have expert electricians on call right round the clock, we can attend to all your electrical needs when you need us.

Prompt and efficient electrical emergency service

We recognise that dealing with any electrical emergency can be very stressful for you; this is why we are prompt with our response. Whether you call us during the day or at any time of the night, on any day of the week, we are on call to serve you. Every call-out is attended to quickly and we have fully-equipped vans on the road. This helps our electricians reach you within the shortest possible time. Regardless of when you call us, we don’t charge you a call-out fee and maintain upfront pricing, so you know exactly how much you are paying before you hire us and you won’t be handed a bloated bill after completion of the work.

Situations in which you would need emergency electrical services

It’s crucial that you contact us without delay when you notice any kind of electric problems on your property. Certain situations in which you should call us immediately include:

  • Switches/sockets are warm to the touch.
  • Short circuit
  • Wires are burning or overheated
  • Wiring damaged in stormy weather/lightning strike, leading to a blackout.
  • Smoke emanating from electrical sockets
  • Lights flickering during windy weather; this occurs when the power lines come in contact with trees.
  • Burning smells and smoke coming from electrical points
  • Water from leaky plumbing is extremely close to some wiring or switches
  • You have noticed exposed wiring in your home
  • You hear buzzing, hissing or arcing sounds from some electrical fixtures

Electrical problems such as these should be overlooked. If you have noticed any of these things or are experiencing some other electrical issues, call us immediately and we will be at your location under the hour. Many of these situations have the potential turn into disastrous if not dealt with on time. As mentioned earlier, we have a large fleet of vehicles on standby to help. Our fully-licensed and insured electricians use the latest tools and technology and can handle every type of electrical emergency quickly and efficiently.

For more information on our regular and emergency services, call Quick Connect Electrical today. To check if we serve your area, just enter your pin code in the box on the right of the page. See what our customers are saying about our company & services. For an emergency electrician in Sydney, any time of the day or night, call us on 1300 725 894.

3 Phase Power Installation

In Australia, the electricity distribution is done through 3 phases- the actives, neutral & earth ground. The neutral phase allows for a 3-phase supply that goes out at a steady voltage. This electricity is then supplied to groupings of multiple residential properties; all of which have a single phase loads. The arrangement of the connections is such that within each group, equal amounts of power get drawn from every phase; which helps balance currents within the distribution system.

3 Phase power applications

Most individual homes have single phase electrical supply. But businesses that operate a number of a heavy appliances and machinery require 3-phase power installation. In many ways, this type of power becomes a crucial aspect of the industry as it is a much more efficient and effective way of supplying power to heavy machinery. It helps balance the heavy incoming electrical loads and reduces the stress on your property’s electrical system; which in turn adds to the safety and efficiency of your business.

The 3-phase installation work process

If you are getting a 3-phase power system installed on your premises, you need to hire a licensed and experienced company like Quick Connect Electrical for the job. When you call us with your requirement, we send a team of expert electricians for a comprehensive site inspection; they will ascertain whether you require a completely new electrical system or an upgrade to 3-phase power. Whether you are upgrading your current infrastructure or setting up a new business we are the company that can provide you excellent services at the most cost-effective pricing.

We have been operating in this field for over 10 years now. On board our team are skilled and experienced electricians that have handled a large number of similar projects. We understand that every business has different needs and it’s why we tailor our solutions and ensure you get value for money. We use the best branded products in our work and this approach ensures your installations will function well and last for a long time. Post successful completion of the installation, our experts will thoroughly check the system to makes sure everything is working the way it should.

Comprehensive services

In addition, we handle regular maintenance, replacement, and repairs of your existing 3-phase electrical systems. We have the training to handle all aspects of 3 Phase Power Installations and will provide tailored solutions that match your business’ needs. If you need any 3-phase power installation, maintenance or repair work done, we are the local Sydney electricians to call.

We provide 24/7 electrical emergency services and you can rely on us for a prompt response. For more information on our services, call the experts at Quick Connect Electrical . To check if we serve your area, just enter your pin code in the box on the right of the page. See what our customers are saying about our company & services. For an emergency electrician in Sydney, any time of the day or night, call us on 1300 725 894.

Switchboard Upgrades

Older homes with older electrical systems have fuse boxes instead of modern switchboards. They’re not quite as secure or reliable as switchboards with circuit breakers, which is why it’s a good idea to upgrade your system and ensure it’s up to modern standards. Older homes often need a complete rewiring and switchboard upgrades if they’ve been built more than 20 years ago. At Quick Connect, we have handled a number of switchboard installations in the past and understand the process well.

Why do you need a switchboard upgrade?

One can never be too careful when it comes to electrical systems because there’s always a chance of electric shock or a fire hazard if the system isn’t properly installed or maintained. If your electrical system is up to modern standards and all wires and boards are of good quality, you’ll experience fewer electrical problems and won’t have to deal with damaged devices and appliances.

  • Short circuits – Older switchboards, especially ones with fuse boxes, are particularly vulnerable to short circuits so you’ll experience them more often.
  • Electrical shocks – These boards are more likely to cause electrical shocks and even start fires, especially if the wires leading up to the board are also damaged and frayed.
  • Modern electrical demands – Electrical systems that were installed more than 20 years ago aren’t always capable of handling the demands of modern appliances and devices safely. Appliances like computers, vacuum cleaners, coolers, dryers, washing machines, etc.  require a more sophisticated electrical system.
  • Power tripping – Frequent power tripping is an indication that your system can’t keep up with the demands of different appliances and devices in your property. If you experience it, you need switchboard upgrades.
  • Lights flickering – This is also an indication that your switchboard needs to be upgraded and your wires need to be examined. A dated and damaged electrical system won’t provide sufficient power or an uninterrupted flow of electricity to your light fixtures, which will lead to flickering.

Modern switchboards also allow you the option of shutting the system down in case of emergencies, which isn’t present in older fuses. For example, if you experience a flood and need to cut power in order to keep your home safe, you can simply switch it off in a modern switchboard.

Modern switchboards are also well-designed and can be flush against the wall surface, which fits in with the modern aesthetic. Older boards are bulky and stand out like a sore thumb, especially in minimalist modern designs.

Why choose us?

  • We provided electrical services for over 10 years.
  • We’re a licensed and insured company.
  • Our prices are straightforward and you don’t have to worry about hidden costs.
  • There’s $0 call out fee.
  • We focus on customer satisfaction and provide money back workmanship guarantee.

For more information on our switchboard upgrade services, call Quick Connect Electrical today. To check if we serve your area, just enter your pin code in the box on the right of the page. See what our customers are saying about our company & services. For an emergency electrician in Sydney call us on 1300 725 894.

Range Hood Installation

The kitchen environment can become odorous, muggy, greasy, and humid very quickly if the room doesn’t have proper ventilation in place. One of the most important aspects of the kitchen ventilation system is the range hood, which is placed directly above the stove and cooking area. At Quick Connect, we can carry out range hood installation and make sure your kitchen has good ventilation in place.

What does a range hood do?

The range hood has an internal fan and a filter in it; and it is positioned directly over the stove with enough clearance to allow you to cook without any obstacles. The fan draws all the heat, fumes, the moisture emitted during the cooking process and transports it away from your kitchen. This ensures the heat, grease, and odour from your cooking doesn’t spread throughout the house. If you don’t have the range, the grease and odours will cling to the kitchen walls, furniture, and installation, and eventually compromise the beauty of the room.

What’s involved in the range hood installation process?

Range hood installation can be quite complicated so it’s important to hire experienced professionals for the job, especially if you intend to replace your old hood with a new one. Inexperienced people often damage the surrounding areas because there’s a limited amount of space to work with. A professional installation is careful, thorough, and quick. Here’s a brief description of the professional installation process:

  • Buying the range hood – Professionals are familiar with different brands and their performance over time in real life. They can help you find a range hood that fits your budget, is of the right size, can blend in with your kitchen design, and offers a reliable performance. They’ll offer honest and unbiased advice on the range of products available so you can make the choice with your eyes open.
  • Removing the old hood – The next step is to remove the old hood and clean up the area for new installation. The technician will carefully disconnect all wires connected to the hood and remove it from its mount on the wall. They will also check if the vent opens at the right spot on the kitchen all to transport the air and smoke safely away from the kitchen environment.
  • Installing the new hood – Once they are certain the vent is located in the right place, they’ll carry on with the range hood installation process and carefully mount the new hood over the stove. They’ll make sure it’s in the right position and is properly anchored before they attach the wires to the electrical system and screw everything in place.

Why choose us?

  • We have over 10 years of experience.
  • Our company is licensed and insured.
  • We have honest and straightforward pricing with no hidden costs.
  • $0 call out fee.
  • We offer customer satisfaction guarantee money back workmanship guarantee.

If you want to know more about our range hood installation services here at Quick Connect, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. You can call us on 1300 725 894 or fill in this contact us form. To check if we serve your area, just enter your pin code in the box on the right of the page. See what our customers are saying about our company & services.

Electrical Rewiring

Electrical wires are usually hidden underneath the walls and are out of sight, which means most property owners don’t even realise they might be damaged until they experience a problem. Like all building materials, electrical wires also have a limited lifespan and can eventually become frayed or damaged over time. At Quick Connect, we encourage clients to inspect their electrical system regularly to ensure it’s in a good condition. If you find extensive damage in your system, you’ll have to rewire it.

What is electrical rewiring?

Electrical rewiring is replacing the old system of electrical wires with a new one. Electricians will replace old wires, fixtures, and every component of the system that’s unsafe or too damaged to provide smooth transfer of energy. While wires are designed to last for decades without problems, they do eventually wear down and become frayed. This can increase the risk of blackouts, surges, appliance damage, and even fire. Here are some things you need to consider with regards to electrical rewiring:

  • If your property is more than 20 years old, you need to carry out a thorough inspection and consider rewiring.
  • If you’re always relying on extension cords to supply power to different appliances and devices, you might need to consider rewiring and establish access points at better locations.
  • Most of your outlets are ungrounded and two-pronged.
  • If your property has old aluminium wiring instead of more secure and resilient copper wiring.
  • You have added new appliances or rooms that are a burden on the existing system.

It’s a good idea to get your current system inspected if any of the above mentioned points apply to you. A professional electrician will know how to examine the system thorough and determine if electrical rewiring is required.

What are the signs that you need rewiring?

Your electrical system will deteriorate naturally over time and provide ample warning before it’s too dangerous to use. Here are some signs that you need to look out for:

  • Tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses.
  • Over fused or over amped electrical panels in your property.
  • Wires and fixtures that are discoloured or have visible burn marks on them.
  • Frequent dimming or flickering of lights.
  • A burning smell.
  • Loose outlets that look like they’re about to fall out.
  • Wiring tears in exposed wires.
  • Buzzing or sizzling sounds coming from the electrical system.
  • Switches, boards, and sockets are hot to the touch.

If you see these signs, you need to ask a professional electrician to carry out electrical rewiring and ensure your system is undamaged and safe to use.

Why choose us?

  • Our company has been a part of this industry for over 10 years.
  • We are licensed and insured.
  • We offer honest and straightforward pricing so you don’t need to worry about hidden costs.
  • $0 call out fee.
  • Our company provides customer satisfaction guarantee and money back workmanship guarantee.

For more information on our electrical rewiring services, call Quick Connect Electrical today. To check if we serve your area, just enter your pin code in the box on the right of the page. See what our customers are saying about our company & services. For an emergency electrician in Sydney call us on 1300 725 894.

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