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Why It’s a Good Idea To Get a Centralised Surge Protector Installed in Your Home

Today, every home has a number of electrical devices and appliances, and some of them are quite sensitive and expensive as well. This is why we install surge protectors for many of these appliances. However, depending on the number of devices or equipment you have, a centralised surge protector is a far more practical solution and it proves to be more affordable too; it extends protection to all the larger appliances on your property that don’t have an individual surge  protector installed.

Electrical surges can be caused due to many different reasons such as:

  • Lightning strikes that occur when there are thunderstorms.
  • When natural calamities like storms knockout the electricity on your property, there can be a surge of power through the entire system once the power is restored.
  • In some instances, these surges may occur if the power gets restored through your backup generator too.

In short, an electrical surge can occur at any time and this is why we at Quick Connect Electrical recommend to our customers that they install a centralised surge protector on their property. This is one of the best ways to protect all the appliances and equipment in your home.

Why is it important to prioritise surge protection?

If you notice the lights in any one area are flickering that is typically caused by electrical surges. These surges won’t really burn out the devices or appliances and devices; however, they do affect the lifespan of the latter and the only solution is to replace the equipment which can be a very expensive proposition.

The modern appliances we use in our home are technologically advanced, have sensitive components that function very closely with one another; and that means if one part gets affected, all the components within that circuit will also become impacted. This is the case with larger systems such as HVAC and hot water systems as well.

Even when these installations aren’t in used, a major electrical surge can cause significant damage to them and will take years off of their functional lives. Without realising it, this can result in literally thousands of dollars of losses during the time you live in that house. In some instances, a severe power surge can end up causing irreversible damage to the hot water or HVAC systems

Customised surge protector installation solutions

As you can see, the best way to protect the electrical devices and appliances in your home is to get a centralised surge protector installed on your property. These are specialised installations that are connected to the main circuits in your home and we can handle this job in an expert manner.  Aside from safety surge protector solutions we also handle all types of other residential and commercial electrical jobs and provide 24 Hour Electricians in Sydney  services.

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