Fire is something that can cause a significant amount of damage to property and is a threat to the lives of people living or working there.  Most people presume that only inflammable materials cause fires and that these fires can be controlled with water. While that is true, it’s important to keep in view the fact that fires can also be caused by different faults in electrical installations. At times the electrical devices or appliances within an electrical system cause an overload and overheating, which can result in a fire.

Electrical fires- three main reasons

  • Improper wiring installations– If the wiring on your property is old, very tightly installed or of poor quality, it can cause a build-up of heat in the wires which in turn will result in a fire.
  • External heating- At times the wiring may be dangerously close to some external heat source which can cause the outer insulation to melt. If this isn’t addressed on time, it eventually leads to arcing and fire.
  • Electrical arcing- When it comes to electrical fires, this becomes a very common problem. If you have a number of large electrical appliances on your property, they cause a load on the wiring. If the wires and related installations are older and aren’t built to carry that kind of load, it  can cause the wiring to heat up to a point where the insulation around it starts to melt- this can cause arcing and may lead to an electrical fire

The thing to keep in view here is that no matter what the cause of the electrical wiring is, if you try to douse it by pouring water over it that will only aggravate the issue. This is why it’s important to have a Class C fire extinguisher on your property- this has dry chemicals that can help contain the fire and bring it under control or even extinguish it completely. In the absence of this extinguisher, you may try to use baking soda.

What to do in case an electrical fire breaks-out on your property

In the event that an electrical fire breaks-out on your property, the very first thing to do is to switch off the power- this helps in containing it. It’s important to use the right kind of fire extinguisher as well. Like many other electrical emergencies, an electrical fire is something that might start without any warning. This is why keeping the number of a reliable, local Emergency in Electrician Sydney handy, becomes very important. The other thing to check is whether the electrician will be able to provide 24/services and is on call round-the-clock.

We at Quick Connect Electrical are a highly reliable and sought-after Sydney Electrician and provide prompt, efficient and competitively-priced services, exactly when you need them. For any electrical services including testing and checking of electrical installations, the number to call is 1300 725 894. We provide 24 Hour Electrician in Sydney services, and cater to commercial and residential customers. If you have any queries about our services, feel free to connect with us through this Contact Us form.

Emergency Electrician Sydney – Electrcial Faults

If you are experiencing any of these problems above then call our emergency electrician team in Sydney on 1300 725 894 or click on the link above or click here to read our blogs

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Very happy with the great service and professionality! Mohammed was very patient and meticulous, going (quite literally) above (our deck's roof) and beyond to find and fix problems with some existing bad wiring. Explained all the problems in a very clear and informative way. Would highly recommend this service to friends and family!

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"I would highly recommend Karl and his team for any work his professionalism and dedication to his work is remarkable.

We are currently building a 225sqm complex extension in Strathfield and he has continuously offered great advice on how to proceed with all things electrical from led lights and power points to HDI cables for the TV. He has always been on time and has gone above and beyond expectation. He and his team even worked 10hrs on a day that was 45 degrees. Once again I would highly recommend Karl"

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