Electrical wiring and systems that were installed up until a decade ago were quite different from the ones used today; and there was a specific reason for this. The types of electrical equipment and appliances used at that point of time were vastly different from the ones used today and their power requirements weren’t as demanding. However, things are different now; and current day appliances are power hungry.

This adds to the load on the wiring in your home or commercial establishment. If you have older wiring and other systems on your property, chances are that you have the older-style ceramic fuses as well- and you’ll find they blow very often. So why exactly does a fuse blow?

Blown fuse- how it occurs

Most people wonder why the fuses on their property, frequently keep blowing. The electricity that is directed to your property through the main lines, comes in at a particular strength and under normal circumstances, this electricity should also flow smoothly through the system without too much of resistance. Smaller equipment and appliances such as irons etc. operate on lower amperage while the larger equipment such as washing machines, dishwashers and the like, require much higher amperage.

When different equipment is plugged into the powerpoints in your home and are being operated simultaneously, they create a certain amount of resistance in the wiring. The fuses that are factored into each circuit are specifically-designed to bear certain amperage and prevent the electrical wiring from getting overheated.

When excessive power gets pulled in by the system, the wire inside the fuse melts and causes a break and the electricity in that circuit gets cut-off; this is referred to as a blown fuse. In essence, the fuse is like a sentry or a safety device that stops excessive power from flowing through the system and prevents fires from erupting on your property.

Blown fuses- the reasons

  • As mentioned earlier, when any appliances pulls in more amperage than what the circuit can handle, it results in a build-up of heat and causes blown fuse
  • If temporary overages occur in quick succession, they slowly cause the filament to weaken and you may have to deal with a blown fuse even if the amperage in a particular circuit hasn’t been exceeded.

Hire a reliable Emergency Electrician in Sydney

You will find different types of fuses- while some of them are specifically built to bear a series of overloads before they blow, others are much more fragile and even as single power surge will cause them to blow. One of the first things to do in case of a blown fuse is to systematically unplug all the appliances and devices from that circuit and then install the new fuse.

If you find that you are repeatedly dealing with a blown fuse, its best to call in a skilled electrician to deal with the issue. For any electrical services including replacement of blown fuses, the number to call Quick Connect Electrical at, is 1300 725 894. We provide 24 Hour Electrician in Sydney services and cater to commercial and residential customers. If you have any queries about our Electrician in Sydney services, feel free to connect with us through this Contact Us form.

Emergency Electrician Sydney – Electrcial Faults

If you are experiencing any of these problems above then call our emergency electrician team in Sydney on 1300 725 894 or click on the link above or click here to read our blogs

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