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Various Common Electrical Faults and What Causes Them

Electrical faults are something that everyone dreads. This is primarily because electricity can be potentially dangerous and the cause of fires too.  Apart from this, electrical issues aren’t something that can be tackled as a DIY project. It’s never a good idea to try to handle these yourself. The better course of action would be to identify the different types of electrical faults that might arise and understand what is causing them.  You can then call in a skilled Emergency Electrician in Sydney to handle the job for you.

Common electrical faults

Electrical faults could be a result of poor installations or regular wear-and-tear. Regardless of what the cause is, they tend to have some common symptoms. We have put together a list of different common electrical faults and their causes:

  • Excess load on electrical wires- Whenever any new wiring is being done, it’s crucial  that you ensure the wiring and the connected circuit breakers have the capacity to bear the electrical load of the equipment  you plan to use on that circuit. If the load is significantly higher than what the system is designed for, it will only result in premature deterioration of the wires and other components, and cause constant circuit breaker tripping.
  • Too much electrical load on the circuit- In most instances, it isn’t incorrect installation that causes this problem; rather, incorrect use is the culprit. There are times when you end up using an outlet extender and use it to plug in multiple cords. This can result in a load on the circuits. It’s important that you have separate circuits for the different heavy-duty appliances/ equipment on your property.
  • Tightly –packed wiring in the main electrical box– There has to be a comfortable distance between every wire housed within the junction box- the ideal distance is 30 mm from the box frame. This will ensure there is no accidental nailing or punching of the wires at the time of installation. A damaged wire can only result in electric shock/ short circuit.
  • Loose connections inside the main panel– The neutral & breaker connections within the main electrical panel should be installed securely.  It’s also important to get periodic electrical maintenance. This helps in early identification of potential electrical issues and they can be fixed before they get out of hand.

Hire an expert Sydney Electrician

Electrical planning has to be done very carefully at the time of installation. This also means you should typically know where all the heavy equipment is going to be positioned on your premises. Keep your electrical contractor informed about this placement and ensure they make arrangements for separate circuits where necessary.

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