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Understanding What Arcing is

At times electrical switches tend to make sizzling/popping/crackling sounds whenever they are switched on and off- this is referred to as arcing and it can be of two types. In case of a series arc fault, there is a severe damage to one particular wire; it can’t bear the flow of the current and arcing occurs at all the gaps within the conductor and then flows into the insulation.

In the case of a parallel arc fault, the electrical current moves across the damaged insulation which results in a short circuit while it flows from one conductor to the next. Since this isn’t very powerful short circuiting, the circuit breaker isn’t able to detect it. This is called leakage current and it forms arcs as it flows through the entire insulation.

The causes of arcing

Generally, this issue arises in case the switch has worn down or if there is a defect in it. Arcing takes place in the contacts within the switch and causes the crackling sound. Arcing faults may also surface when the current travels away from its intended path and through some faulty insulation. This can cause burnt contacts; the switch and wiring within that circuit may get heated up too. If this particular issue isn’t addressed on time, it can cause an electrical fire.

At times, the older electrical installations become the cause of arcing and faulty appliances or loose wiring can cause this to happen. Arcing can occur when you overload circuits as well or if there are any damaged conductors in the system. In some instances, dangling extension cords get caught under furniture legs or the wiring may have been gnawed at by rodents and this too can result in arcing.

So, how exactly do electric arcs get formed?

Electric arcs aren’t something that happen all of a sudden- they start heating up very slowly and then they begin carbonising the insulation. If aren’t attended to on time, they ignite the insulation which has been carbonised; in fact, this becomes the catalyst that speeds-up the chain reaction that occurs soon after. Before long the arcing and carbonisation gain intensity & momentum and it results in immediate combustion of the insulation. The point we’d like to reiterate here is that unlike short circuiting, arcing doesn’t necessarily trip the circuit; it’s also why arcing issues may sometimes be ignored.

Get a Sydney Electrician to immediately attend to arcing issues

The best course of action is to address arcing issues without delay. If you hear any type of hissing/popping or crackling sounds emanating from any electrical points or switches, call a skilled and experienced Emergency Electrician in Sydney without delay. For any electrical services including dealing with arcing faults, the number to call is 1300 725 894. Quick Connect Electrical provides 24 Hour Electrician Sydney services and caters to commercial and residential customers. If you have any queries about our services, feel free to connect with us through this Contact Us form and we will respond shortly.

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