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What is Arcing, and what causes it?

There are times when you hear electrical switches making a crackling/popping/sizzling sound. This typically occurs when you either switch them on or off.  This is called arcing and could be caused by two different things. Sometimes a damaged wire might cause the crackling sound, while at others it could be a series arc fault.  In the case of the former, the wiring cannot bear the current flow and that is when arcing occurs. It takes place in the gaps as well as within the conductor, after which it flows into the wire insulation.

If the arcing is a result of the parallel arc fault, the current then moves all across the insulation that has got damaged, and this results in a short circuit. This short circuiting isn’t really very powerful and it’s also why the circuit breaker can’t detect it. This is referred to as a leakage current. If you have noticed any signs of arcing in your home, it’s important that you call a Residential Electrician in Sydney from Quick Connect Electrical.

Arcing- some facts

  • Typically, this issue occurs when a power switch gets worn out or if it is defective in any way. Arcing occurs at the contact points inside the switch and that is what causes the crackling sound. These types of faults may also arise when the electrical current strays away from the path it is supposed to travel on and into faulty or damaged insulation. These leads to burnt contacts and the wires as well as the switch in that circuit start to get heated up as well.
  • At times, the arcing may be caused due to older electrical installations.
  • Overloaded circuits and faulty appliances or even wiring that is loose can result in an arcing issue.
  • Damaged conductors within the circuit or overloaded circuits might cause crackling in the wires too.
  • At times, extension cords that are dangling to the ground get caught in some table legs and that can damage the insulation and causes arcing.
  • If rodents have gnawed into wiring that too can cause this issue.

Never delay attending to an electrical issue

If you ignore these problems and don’t call in a 24 Hour Electrician in Sydney to attend to it on time, it can result in an electrical fire, which can be very dangerous. The one thing to keep in view is that most arcing faults get built up over a period of time and they aren’t really a sudden occurrence. But most people tend to ignore the signs and that is when the arcing problem can turn severe and lead to a fire, if it isn’t addressed on time.

Since the circuit breaker doesn’t trip when arcing occurs, the problem tends to go unnoticed, at most times. This is where our preventive electrical maintenance services come into the picture. These are customised to match your requirements and a great way to help prevent sudden electrical issues from surfacing.  For any more information about our services, simply call at this number- 1300 725 894. You can also use this Contact Us   to connect with Quick Connect Electrical. See what our customers are saying about us.

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