As a commercial property owner, you make it a point to keep all the areas of your establishment in a good condition and ensure that all the amenities, features and installations are in state of good repair. Electrical maintenance is a very important part of the overall maintenance of any commercial building. A downtime on any of these installations or fixtures can result in loss of business and can impact your reputation.

On the other hand, when you make sure that all the electrical systems are maintained well by experts like the ones at Quick Connect Electrical you can rest assured that you will have fewer problems to deal with. Electrical installations have to endure a significant amount of wear and tear because they are used almost 24/7 in one way or the other, especially on commercial premises. In addition to lighting and HVAC systems, electricity is used for hot water, security alarms and CCTV installations as well as to power various equipment, devices and appliances.

The importance of regular electrical maintenance

In short, if anything goes wrong with the electrical installations that can cause considerable inconvenience to the people on the property and disrupt the workings of your business. However, when you opt for regular electrical maintenance, you can rest assured that the electricians you have hired for the job will come in at fixed intervals, through the year and carry out thorough inspections of all the electrical systems on your property. These regular checks help them identify potential problems and fix them before they get out of hand. We at Quick Connect Electrical provide a variety of electrical maintenance services that include:

  • Powerpoints
  • Circuit breakers
  • Fuse boxes
  • Emergency and exit light fixtures
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Wiring installations
  • Telephone & Data Cables
  • Hot Water Systems
  • Ovens & Cook Tops (on commercial premises)
  • Switchboards
  • Switch testing
  • 3 phase circuit boards
  • Security lighting
  • All indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Standby generators
  • Other

 Energy-efficient solutions

In addition to all these systems, we also provide comprehensive electrical audits and provide solutions that can help improve the energy-efficiency of the electrical systems on your property. This can include things like:

  • Switching to LED light fixtures and fittings
  • Installation of sensor lighting
  • Replacing old and worn out wiring
  • Replacing old switches
  • Installation of dimmers for light fittings
  • Installation of ceiling fans (these help reduce your dependency on the HVAC system)

When you get all the electrical systems checked on a regular basis, it helps keep them in a good condition and you have fewer electrical downtimes to deal with. This improves the productivity of your employees, helps in maintaining better lighting on your property and improves the reputation of your establishment as well.

We at Quick Connect Electrical are one of the leading companies in this space and know what it takes to provide excellent, customised services to our customers at very cost-effective pricing. To check if we serve your area, just enter your pin code in the box on the right of the page. See what our customers are saying about our company & services. For an emergency electrician in Sydney, any time of the day or night, call us at this number- 1300 725 894.

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Very happy with the great service and professionality! Mohammed was very patient and meticulous, going (quite literally) above (our deck's roof) and beyond to find and fix problems with some existing bad wiring. Explained all the problems in a very clear and informative way. Would highly recommend this service to friends and family!

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5 stars

"I would highly recommend Karl and his team for any work his professionalism and dedication to his work is remarkable.

We are currently building a 225sqm complex extension in Strathfield and he has continuously offered great advice on how to proceed with all things electrical from led lights and power points to HDI cables for the TV. He has always been on time and has gone above and beyond expectation. He and his team even worked 10hrs on a day that was 45 degrees. Once again I would highly recommend Karl"

TrueLocal Reviews
5 stars