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Switch testing and Installations

As one of the favourite electricians at Sydney wide region, your safety is our priority. Most of the homes in the Australian nation lack the knowledge on the importance of testing and maintenance of switches and switchboards. This is why we provide regular switch testing and installation services for our customers in Sydney. It is necessary to know the difference between different types of switches and their basic uses. For example, a circuit breaker switch is shed to protect the household appliances and other electronic devices in your home whereas a safety switch which cuts off the power in order to save the customers from possible harm.

Safety of your loved ones and regular testing

Are you concerned about the safety of your family, children or pets playing with plugs, switches or power points or be a part of any other careless action that results in danger? With proper testing, you can repair and install any regular switches or safety switches to ensure safe environment for them.

Circuit breakers alone cannot always provide the safety that you are really searching for. There you need a safety switch for ensuring protection and safety to you and your family. Safety switch will have a test button while other normal circuit breakers do not.

Regular testing and checking of switches will help you to avoid any kind of future problems. One second of carelessness can be a big problem. That is why we suggest you to leave it to the experts. Quick Connect Electrical, Sydney has been in the switch testing and installation sector for over many years and know exactly what you need.

How safety is accomplished in cases of electrical failure?

Even though different states follow different set of rules, we recommend that all of you follow safe electrical practices for your home or office. In order to achieve such kind of satisfying results, we always ensure that safe and secure testing and installation practices are followed. Lights, stove, power points, washing machine and other frequently used electrical systems like switches are given extra care and attention. The safety switch examines the flow of electricity through a circuit, and when it detects that the current is flowing through faulty switchboards, damaged wiring or electronic equipment and appliances, it shuts off the power thereby reducing chance of damages and even electrocution.

This is why it is important that you ensure there is proper wiring and connections done. Our experts always test the circuits and wiring for all possible errors and rectify them at the initial stage without causing much harm to the customer. We recommend that you carry on this test every 3 months for best results. Switch Testing and installation is not such an easy task. It needs your commitment as well. You can test the status of the circuit by pushing the safety switch ‘Test’ button. If doing so doesn’t turn off the power call us.  We will inspect, test and rectify the problem for you. Quick Connect Electrical is the name you can trust.

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