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Some Common Electrical Wiring to Avoid While Remodelling

Each year, thousands of electrical fires are caused due to some common electrical installation problems. When older homes are remodelled, some of the electrical outlets get installed incorrectly- they may not have the appropriate grounded outlet to replace the older receptacle outlet. This is definitely an error, because in case there is a short circuit, the cover plate on it can become energized and pose a hazard.

Things to focus on

We at Quick Connect Electrical have put together a list of common electrical issues and how you can avoid them when you are getting your home remodelled:

#1.Recessed Electrical Boxes- There are times when panelling that’s added to the surface of the wall causes code violations. The one way to solve this problem is to use extension rings. You can always install a new electrical outlet and then use shimming/extender plates behind the box.

#2. Wiring secured incorrectly– Certain issues can arise if the staples are affixed too tightly to secure the beams/studs. That can damage the wiring very severely in case it isn’t attached properly. Your Residential Electrician in Sydney can prevent this from happening by running the wiring right through the cable trays or conduits.

#3. Wiring size– If an improper wire size is used, it can cause it to overheat. In fact, this problem can also occur if too many lights and outlets are combined into a single circuit. Ensure that you aren’t adding any more amps than required, to a particular circuit. If required, you should just add a new circuit directly to the panel board. The thing to keep in view here is that the problem may not always lie with the wiring, and the breaker itself might be the cause of the issue. This is why it’s important to analyse the amp requirements.

#4. Wiring length– There are specific code regulations about how much of wiring can be stripped and if too much of it is stripped, that can result in sparking when the hot conductors make contact; and these will eventually lead to a fire. Apart from this, if the wiring is too long, there can also be some voltage drops related to it, which causes the wiring to underperform and it will carry much less current that it’s designed for.

#4. Unprotected wiring– If any cable is unprotected, it is at risk and can get easily damaged. The electrical cables will have to be covered & protected if they are in areas where there is more movement of people, or if it’s exposed to the elements. All the stripped cabling should be covered and protected using approved electrical tape.

These are just some of the things that should be paid attention to when you embark upon a remodelling project in your home. The best way to be assured that everything is getting done right is to hire the services of a licensed and insured electrician for the job. For all types of commercial and residential electrical services, call Quick Connect Electrical at this number- 1300 725 894. See what our customers are saying about our company & services. You have the option to book a time online & a representative will call you back for additional details of your requirement.

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