Smoke Detectors

It is highly recommended, calling an experienced electrician to install smoke detector properly at your home. Quick Connect Electrical is one of the expert, trustworthy and fully licenced electricians in Sydney, have been offering the best services in installing smoke detectors for residential purpose for 10 years. We expand our fast and error free services for 24×7, even in the late night hours and use the various tools and technologies to achieve a highest level of smoke detector installation processes. It’s no matter how big or small job it is we ensure the outstanding service for all residential dwellings in Sydney and nearby Areas at an affordable cost.

Types of Smoke Detectors

A Smoke detector includes two parts. A smoke sensor and an electronic horn to alert people on time. There are two types of Smoke detectors used at homes.

  • Ionization detectors: Ionization detectors consist of radioactive material to ionize the air in the sensing place.
  • Photo electrical/optical detectors. This type of detectors, consistently gives enough time for household to escape from smouldering and flaming fires.

Why Quick connect Electricians for installing Smoke detectors in Sydney

Smoke detectors are one of those excellent inventions which is recommended for every home one per floor. But, it is not appreciable that you fix it by your own effort. It is good seek an assistance of a qualified electrician to fix such type of electric Gadgets.         Quick Connect Electrical presents, highly trained and reliable electricians, keeping all the Industrial standards in installing smoke detectors. It is because there should be some specific knowledge and experiences in installing Smoke detectors, such as the areas to place, types of detectors and about the process of installing too.

Generally smoke detectors are being placed in the sleeping areas and in the passage ways of travel between bedrooms and exits to the open air at home, and wherever possible smoke alarms should not be placed in kitchen areas, laundry areas and bathrooms.

Maintenance and other services

Quick Connect Electricians pay much attention on the maintenance of smoke detectors and provide on time services for the same. It ensures, the battery and alarm sounder are performing well. Smoke detectors need to be often tested and cleaned to perform well.

Changing batteries annually should be prompt when you hear a sound of regular warning ‘beep’. Since there are vivid types and brands of smoke detectors available in the market, it will be good if you find help from a Quick Connect Electricians to identify the battery type.

Cleaning should be taken place at least once in a year to remove the particles that will affect the performance of Smoke detectors. Use a vacuum cleaner is adaptable for cleaning.

We find that the smoke detectors have maximum service life of 10 years and need to be replaced. Furthermore, we provide some valuable tips and guidelines for the long lasting performance of the smoke detectors. We guarantee all our electrical services. If any emergency occurred, just call us. Our 24×7 work electricians will address your needs and serve you accordingly.

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