The kitchen environment can become odorous, muggy, greasy, and humid very quickly if the room doesn’t have proper ventilation in place. One of the most important aspects of the kitchen ventilation system is the range hood, which is placed directly above the stove and cooking area. At Quick Connect, we can carry out range hood installation and make sure your kitchen has good ventilation in place.

What does a range hood do?

The range hood has an internal fan and a filter in it; and it is positioned directly over the stove with enough clearance to allow you to cook without any obstacles. The fan draws all the heat, fumes, the moisture emitted during the cooking process and transports it away from your kitchen. This ensures the heat, grease, and odour from your cooking doesn’t spread throughout the house. If you don’t have the range, the grease and odours will cling to the kitchen walls, furniture, and installation, and eventually compromise the beauty of the room.

What’s involved in the range hood installation process?

Range hood installation can be quite complicated so it’s important to hire experienced professionals for the job, especially if you intend to replace your old hood with a new one. Inexperienced people often damage the surrounding areas because there’s a limited amount of space to work with. A professional installation is careful, thorough, and quick. Here’s a brief description of the professional installation process:

  • Buying the range hood – Professionals are familiar with different brands and their performance over time in real life. They can help you find a range hood that fits your budget, is of the right size, can blend in with your kitchen design, and offers a reliable performance. They’ll offer honest and unbiased advice on the range of products available so you can make the choice with your eyes open.
  • Removing the old hood – The next step is to remove the old hood and clean up the area for new installation. The technician will carefully disconnect all wires connected to the hood and remove it from its mount on the wall. They will also check if the vent opens at the right spot on the kitchen all to transport the air and smoke safely away from the kitchen environment.
  • Installing the new hood – Once they are certain the vent is located in the right place, they’ll carry on with the range hood installation process and carefully mount the new hood over the stove. They’ll make sure it’s in the right position and is properly anchored before they attach the wires to the electrical system and screw everything in place.

Why choose us?

  • We have over 10 years of experience.
  • Our company is licensed and insured.
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  • $0 call out fee.
  • We offer customer satisfaction guarantee money back workmanship guarantee.

If you want to know more about our range hood installation services here at Quick Connect, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. You can call us on 1300 725 894 or fill in this contact us form. To check if we serve your area, just enter your pin code in the box on the right of the page. See what our customers are saying about our company & services.

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Very happy with the great service and professionality! Mohammed was very patient and meticulous, going (quite literally) above (our deck's roof) and beyond to find and fix problems with some existing bad wiring. Explained all the problems in a very clear and informative way. Would highly recommend this service to friends and family!

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"I would highly recommend Karl and his team for any work his professionalism and dedication to his work is remarkable.

We are currently building a 225sqm complex extension in Strathfield and he has continuously offered great advice on how to proceed with all things electrical from led lights and power points to HDI cables for the TV. He has always been on time and has gone above and beyond expectation. He and his team even worked 10hrs on a day that was 45 degrees. Once again I would highly recommend Karl"

TrueLocal Reviews
5 stars