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Exit & Emergency Lighting

Are you in search of a reliable and dependable Emergency Lighting and exit signs in the Sydney wide region? Theses lighting and signs serve a very crucial and unavoidable purpose in assisting the people out of a property when there is an emergency situation. The Exit & Emergency Lighting is well illuminated to help the occupants to recognise and choose the path without wasting any time during urgent times. By providing a clear path to travel in safety and offering a safe exit from the building rapidly and effectively. Since there is no fixed time limit in case of unexpected calamities or problems, it is always best to have such back up plans that would save a lot of precious lives.

There are many rules and regulations that should meet certain requirements and criteria while installing emergency lighting and exit signs. The legal requirements are stated by The Building Code of Australia and AS2293. For providing a safe, prompt and precise emergency exit lighting, it is better to choose a highly qualified and a customer-oriented approach. Quick Connect Electrical recommend that you listen to our experts regarding any emergency exit or exit lighting and design needs.

How to ensure proper working of emergency lights and illuminations?

In order to maintain the proper functioning and working on a building such as hospitals, schools, offices, malls and other private and public buildings it is necessary that an emergency lighting, or other evacuation methods are implemented and regularly tested. Even though they are scarcely used they must be given proper care and attention. In times of crisis, these Exit & Emergency Lighting are essential and should be properly working. Only if they are fully functional and easily accessible, they will be of any use to the occupants of the building in time of emergency.

Emergency light testing and troubleshooting

If there is a need of troubleshooting and testing of the lights, the electricians at Quick Connect Electrical will carry out the necessary procedures to make sure that the emergency lighting system is working at its full capacity.

We have with us master electricians who are licensed to offer emergency lighting and exit signs testing to confirm that it meets the current Australian standards.

  • This makes sure that different essential exit lighting and emergency illuminations are regularly tested.
  • Checking of each and every emergency lights for consistent working.
  • Replacement of the faulty lamps and exit lighting after thoroughly checking them.
  • The Exit & Emergency Lighting shall remain switched on for at least one and half hours.
  • Restoring the illuminations to proper charging conditions.
  • Report any faults and store or record the data efficiently.

LED Emergency and exit illuminations

These category have long durability and life span when compared to others. They are also highly energy efficient and effective than any other traditional lights. Most of the customers choose LED lights for exit and emergency lighting because of their advantages.

Call us for any kind of emergency exit and exit sign needs in the Sydney metropolitan area. We will arrange a light testing or installation to ensure that you will be delivered with an excellent emergency lighting solution.

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