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3 Phase Power Installation

In Australia, the electricity distribution is done through 3 phases- the actives, neutral & earth ground. The neutral phase allows for a 3-phase supply that goes out at a steady voltage. This electricity is then supplied to groupings of multiple residential properties; all of which have a single phase loads. The arrangement of the connections is such that within each group, equal amounts of power get drawn from every phase; which helps balance currents within the distribution system.

3 Phase power applications

Most individual homes have single phase electrical supply. But businesses that operate a number of a heavy appliances and machinery require 3-phase power installation. In many ways, this type of power becomes a crucial aspect of the industry as it is a much more efficient and effective way of supplying power to heavy machinery. It helps balance the heavy incoming electrical loads and reduces the stress on your property’s electrical system; which in turn adds to the safety and efficiency of your business.

The 3-phase installation work process

If you are getting a 3-phase power system installed on your premises, you need to hire a licensed and experienced company like Quick Connect Electrical for the job. When you call us with your requirement, we send a team of expert electricians for a comprehensive site inspection; they will ascertain whether you require a completely new electrical system or an upgrade to 3-phase power. Whether you are upgrading your current infrastructure or setting up a new business we are the company that can provide you excellent services at the most cost-effective pricing.

We have been operating in this field for over 10 years now. On board our team are skilled and experienced electricians that have handled a large number of similar projects. We understand that every business has different needs and it’s why we tailor our solutions and ensure you get value for money. We use the best branded products in our work and this approach ensures your installations will function well and last for a long time. Post successful completion of the installation, our experts will thoroughly check the system to makes sure everything is working the way it should.

Comprehensive services

In addition, we handle regular maintenance, replacement, and repairs of your existing 3-phase electrical systems. We have the training to handle all aspects of 3 Phase Power Installations and will provide tailored solutions that match your business’ needs. If you need any 3-phase power installation, maintenance or repair work done, we are the local Sydney electricians to call.

We provide 24/7 electrical emergency services and you can rely on us for a prompt response. For more information on our services, call the experts at Quick Connect Electrical . To check if we serve your area, just enter your pin code in the box on the right of the page. See what our customers are saying about our company & services. For an emergency electrician in Sydney, any time of the day or night, call us on 1300 725 894.

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