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LED Lights

LED Lights
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 Energy consumption and savings is big concern today. People want to minimize the burden of their utility bills and do their bit to the environment. They use energy efficient appliances, monitor their consumption, and control their HVAC systems in order to save money on power and lessen the burden on the system. At Quick Connect, we also recommend installing LED lights.

Led Lights

What are LED Lights?

 Several of our clients have heard the word LED and even installed a few bulbs in their home, but few really understand how it works. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. It has a well-designed semiconductor electrical component that converts most of the electricity it receives into a bright light. LED is considered a solid-state lighting because the light is generated inside the semi-conductor through holes and electrons.

This system makes LED stand apart from other lighting options available in the market. Incandescent and halogen bulbs use heated filaments while florescent lights spread light through gas discharge. These systems don’t just consume more electricity, but also have a negative impact on the environment.

What Are the Advantages of LED Lights?

 Replacing all the bulbs on your property with LED will require some investment and commitment, but the expense is worth it in the long run. Here are some distinct advantages of LED light you should consider:

  • Energy Efficient – LED bulbs use 85% of the energy they consume to produce light. In comparison, halogen lights turn 90% of the energy they consume into heat and only use 10% to produce light. LED lights also consume less energy than other options available in the market.
  • Produces Light for Longer Period of Time – LED lights last for a long time when compared to other lighting options available in the market. A standard good-quality LED light will provide about 50,000 hours of illumination while standard good-quality halogen lights won’t last for even a fraction of that timeframe. In fact, LED is known to last 25 times longer than both halogen and incandescent lights, and around 3 times longer than CFLs.
  • Lasts Longer – These bulbs are built to last longer than most lighting options available in the market today. They don’t have filaments that break with the slightest vibrations. They don’t burn out as quickly as traditional tube lights or CFLs either. You might have to pay more, but you don’t need to replace your LED lights as often.
  • Heat and Climate Control – As mentioned in the first point, LED bulbs convert most of the energy they receive into light. That’s why they aren’t as warm to touch as other bulbs available in the market. This can help with your indoor climate control. Halogen lights emit a lot of heat so you need to lower the air conditioning temperature to compensate and maintain a comfortable environment in your home.

If you want to know more about LED lights or have questions regarding our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Quick Connect. You can call us on 1300 725 894 or enter your details and questions in this contact us form.

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