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Blown Fuses- The Causes and Fixes

Older electrical systems were very different from those that are installed today. That’s because the appliances and equipment that were used them were very different from the heavy-duty ones that are used today. Current day household appliances are power-guzzlers and there are times when multiple appliances are used simultaneously, and that stresses the wiring. Older electrical systems also have old-style ceramic fuses and these tend to blow whenever there is an overload. Most people wonder why this is such a common occurrence. Here’s some more information about this issue, why it occurs and how it can be fixed:

How a blown fuse occurs

The electrical current that comes in from the mains has a specific strength. Typically, if you have modern systems installed, this electricity flows through very smoothly and there isn’t much of resistance. All the smaller household appliances such as toasters, ceiling fans and irons operate on very low amperage. However, the bigger appliances like dishwashers, washing machines and dryers need much more amperage. When you run multiple, heavy-duty machines simultaneously, that creates more resistance in the wiring.

All the fuses that are part of the circuit are designed to bear a certain amount of amperage; that is how the system is prevented getting overheated. When the system pulls in too much of power, the wire that’s present within the fuse melts; this breaks the electricity flow and cuts-off the circuit, and that’s what we call a blown fuse. In simple words, the fuse is the safety device which prevents the flow of excessive power into the system; in turn, this prevents a fire from breaking out on your premises.

What causes a fuse to blow?

  • We talked about how certain heavy-duty appliances tend to pull in more power and strain the electrical system, and it results in a blown fuse.
  • In case temporary high overages take place within short intervals that too can cause weakening in the filament. This means even if the amperage in the circuit hasn’t gone beyond a certain limit that can cause the fuse to blow.

Hire an Emergency Residential Electrician in Sydney 

If this electrical fault occurs very regularly, it’s an indication that something is wrong with the system. It’s crucial that you call in a skilled and licensed emergency electrician in Sydney without delay. While you may be able to replace the blown fuse yourself, that isn’t a permanent solution to the problem.

The electrician will test all the systems and check whether they are able to keep up with the power demands in your home. In case the wiring and switchboards etc. are over twenty years old, the electrician may suggest that you consider getting rewiring and a switchboard replacement done. 

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